What is “Mobile Friendly”?

mobile friendlyHave you ever wondered if your website is mobile friendly?  “Mobile friendly” is a very subjective term.  Those trying to sell mobile websites and mobile apps will claim that no standard website is mobile friendly.  The Metisentry team respectfully disagrees.

We define “mobile friendly” as a website that renders and functions on cell phones and other mobile devices.  Elements that can make a website  “mobile hostile” would be Flash elements or unique navigation methods that render or function poorly on a mobile device.

Flash elements are typically not a good idea, whether you’re concerned about mobile friendliness or not.  Unique navigation such as hover features, deep drop down levels on directories and complicated menus on websites can get ugly and cause frustration for mobile device visitors.

Ultimately, is your website viewable and browseable from any device with a standard web browser?  Using our definition of “mobile friendly”, odds are that your website, as-is, qualifies as mobile friendly.

Still have questions about being “mobile friendly”?  Stay tuned to upcoming blog posts that will discuss the “pinch and zoom” of mobile friendly as well as a number of website elements you can evaluate and tweak to take your existing mobile friendliness to different levels.  Or as always, our door is open, reach out to us with your questions at any time.

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