In the wake of Mcafee’s closing, we’ve moved to Fusemail. This article will walk you through the FuseMail Portal.

When you first log in, you’ll first see the email continuity mailbox. FuseMail stores all incoming emails for 90 days.  This is good for multiple reasons. If you accidentally delete an email from your mailbox you can still view it here for 90 days. Also, if there is a connection problem to our mail server you can still check your incoming emails here.



You can view your Quarantine by clicking the box on the left. Here you can release, allow a sender, or block a sender.

Below quarantine and continuity are the allow and deny menus. You can add a single email address or an entire domain by entering their address or domain in the field and selecting add.

NOTE: Be careful adding an entire domain to either list. You only want to add a domain if  it is a business you know. Don’t add mass email hosts like AOL, Gmail, or yahoo.


This is all there is to it. Pretty easy and familiar to the Mcafee portal.

NOTE: Passwords are set by the administrator. If you don’t know your password or need it changed send an email to [email protected].