Update to WordPress 4.6 with Metisentry’s Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress 4.6 has just been released.
As with any version release, there are new features and updates. Some of the updates expected with version 4.6 include:

  • New Broken Link Checker
    Dubbed ‘spellcheck for URLs’ this handy new feature introduces a broken link checker in the editor.
  • Broken Link Highlighterwp 4.6 pepper
    When using the visual editor to write posts and add a URL that is broken, it will be highlighted. As soon
    as you add a link, WordPress validates the link. Usually a link is highlighted in blue but if it is invalid it will be shown in red to indicate it is broken.
  • Autosave Improvements
    The editor itself got a refresh which includes an improved disaster recovery mode. On the older version, the save process rarely detects when a save has failed which can lead to lost information. Now a message indicating ‘there is a newer autosave’ will display so you know you’re editing the correct version of the post.

These are some great new features and we can never stress enough the importance of keeping your WordPress versions, themes and plugins up-to-date. If you are a Metisentry WordPress Premium Hosting client, your site will be updated for you. If you are not a Metisentry WordPress Premium Hosting client, you must do this update on your own, or upgrade to our Premium Hosting package to have this done for you.

Is having an update like this taken care of for you the only reason to upgrade to Metisentry’s Managed WordPress Hosting package? No. A couple other great reasons are:

  • You want to keep your WordPress website protected from vulnerabilities that can harm your site.
  • You find the ‘updates’ notifications on your dashboard annoying.
  • Your WordPress version starts with a number less than 4.

How do you find out what WordPress version you’re on? Visit your WordPress dashboard. Or better yet, give us a call. The older your WordPress version is the harder it is to keep up with updates. Even attempting to update from any version that starts with the number 3 or less can leave your website vulnerable. Let the experts at Metisentry maintain your WordPress website.