On occasion, our clients need help with their dedicated server, this may include:

  • Installing software
  • Configuring the firewall or other system settings
  • Adding users
  • Allocating memory and storage space

When issues like that arise, you have a few options:

  1. Use your in-house IT person to help you resolve the issue
  2. Hire an IT consultant
  3. Use Metisentry’s paid support services

If you are interested in using our paid support services, here are a few things you should know:

We charge $104 per hour, with a minimum of 1 hour. Even if the support time is 5 minutes, the 1 hour rule applies.
Based on the current size of our backlog and the nature of the issue, a support request could take as little as a few hours or as much as several days.

We do not guarantee that the problem will be fixed or that it will not come back, we are simply charging for our time to look at the problem and will help the best that we can.

If you would like to request paid support from us, please complete the form below to open a support ticket with us:

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