NOTE: This applies to our Icewarp customers who do not have an additional spam filter setup. If you are unsure if either of these apply to you please ask your administrator or fill out our support form here.

There are times you need to block a sender due to spam, or allow a sender who is being blocked by our spam filter. These instructions will walk you through adding an email address or domain to a Whitelist to allow senders, and a Blacklist to block senders.

Adding someone to Whitelist:

It is very simple to setup a whitelist using our Webmail service. First, log in to your webmail and sign in using your email address and password. (If you don’t know your password give us a call or fill out our support form here.) Once you are signed into webmail you will see a list of folders on the left hand side. Click on the “Filters” folder to expand it and then click on Whitelist.


On the right you should see a list of senders that have already been added to your Whitelist. If not, that is because you haven’t set any yet. We’ll fix this by right clicking anywhere inside this box and select New.


A box should pop up and should say Email/Domain. Here you will enter the email address or domain for the whitelist to allow.


Be careful when adding an entire domain to the list because you could inadvertently allow spam to be sent to you by allowing common domains like,,, and so on. It is best to only add domains from companies that you do business with personally, like

Once you click OK the address or domain should now be in the list. Should you ever want to delete someone, simply right click the name and select Delete. You will also see an option to move a sender from the whitelist to the blacklist.

Adding someone to the Blacklist:

As you could imagine adding someone to the blacklist is very similar to adding someone to the whitelist. Simply click on the Blacklist folder inside the “Filters” Folder and then right click inside the list and select new. Again, you enter the email address or domain you wish to block and click OK. You can also move an address or domain to the whitelist or delete them from the blacklist by right clicking on the name and selecting the desired choice. It is critical that you are very careful when adding an entire domain to the blacklist and is highly recommended that you do NOT do this. This will block any emails from anyone inside that domain. We recommend that you only blacklist individual email addresses.

Adding someone to the White and Blacklists: (Option 2)

There is an alternate way to add someone to the White and blacklists. When you are in your Inbox, or any other folder, right click on a sender to open the sub-menu. From here simply click on either Blacklist Sender or Whitelist Sender respectively.


This will add the individual’s email address to either list. If you add someone to either list by mistake simply go into the “Filters” folder they were added to and move them or delete them.

Now you should have no trouble allowing and blocking senders. If you do have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.