Introduction To Metisentry Daily Quarantine Report

Metisentry is now proud to present you with our daily spam quarantine reporting system. The majority of our POP email users take advantage of Metisentry’s Spam Assassin software. This program is responsible for filtering out harmful and unwanted email. When this filter catches a message it is placed into your “Spam” folder. The only way to access this spam folder is via your webmail. For our users that have an email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail seeing these messages can present a problem if you are not regularly accessing webmail.

Now with Metisentry’s daily quarantine report you will receive an email each morning showing you the messages caught in your spam folder from the previous day. This allows you to release those messages or whitelist senders without directly logging into webmail. This service is at no additional cost to you and is just our way of continuing to improve your email experience with Metisentry. Below is a more in depth look at the report itself and the options you can choose from.

Quarantine Report

As described above, you will receive an email spam report listing quarantined messages with clickable links to deal with all listed messages and buttons for each single one:


Your whitelist is a collection of email addresses that you have designated as safe or trusted. Messages sent from these senders will not be blocked in the future and will be delivered directly to your Inbox. Your blacklist is also a collection of email addresses, however these are unsafe or unwanted senders and mail sent from these addresses will always go to your Spam folder. Here is a breakdown of each button in the spam report and its function:

Button Action
Whitelist Delivers the message and whitelists the sender.
Deliver Delivers the message to the recipient.
Delete Deletes the message.
Black list Adds the sender to the Blacklist.
Show message Opens a new browser window showing the message (including headers) in text

Processing for Incoming Messages

All inbound message senders are checked against the Quarantine Whitelist. If the sender is whitelisted, the message is processed as normal. If the sender is not on the Whitelist, the message is held in the Quarantine pending queue. The below diagram shows the flow of mail.


Final Thoughts: Using Spam Filtering Effectively

Having a spam filter can be a powerful tool to help you streamline your email experience. To ensure that you are getting it’s full benefit keep one simple rule in mind. Only allow or whitelist the messages you want, ignore the spam. Many people feel when they get a content filtering system this is the perfect opportunity to blacklist all those junk senders that plague them daily. The problem is the bad guys will always get new email addresses. Simply because you blocked the sender does not mean they cannot email you. It only means they need to use a new address; and they will. It is the job of Spam Assassin to block the message; this is why the email is in your spam folder and not your inbox. Merely look through the folder for messages you want, whitelist those senders, or release those messages and disregard the rest. Follow this simple rule and you will be master of your mail in no time!