Why are AOL users marking email as SPAM…

Metisentry receives emails from AOL support when a message from our mail server gets marked as spam. This could cause a bad situation where AOL starts rejecting all emails from our server due to the number of spam complaints. In this article we’ll go over a few reasons why a message may be marked as spam; as well as some steps you can take to prevent any future spam complaints.

To start with, the person may not want to receive emails from you or your organization. If this is the case, you should have a way for the recipient to opt out of your emails. You may already have one in place and the recipient didn’t want to go through the process of opting out. Therefore, they press the SPAM button. The good news is AOL lets us know when a message is marked as spam. We will then pass this information on to you so you can remove them manually.

Another possibility would be the person who received the email was not the intended recipient. The email address may have been typed incorrectly. If you believe the recipient does in-fact want to receive emails from you, but they’re marking them as spam, make sure you have the correct email address on file.

Accidental marking. Many people click on the “Mark as Spam” button because it is right next to the “Delete” button. And to them, they are the same because both make the email go away. To prevent this kind of action you need to take the time to educate the recipient.


The AOL user may have setup the from address from you or your organization as a bad address and to always block email from that address. That gets setup here:


If they added the email address to this list, then every time you send them an email, it gets directed to their spam folder (or gets deleted) and a complaint gets filed! Again, educate your clients to look for this setup.

Lastly, some email users have their work emails forwarded to personal or work related AOL.com accounts. When their work email receives a spam email it forwards it to the personal account. You may not know the email was forwarded from our mail server and then you mark it as spam. This counts against our mail server even though the email originated outside our server. If you wish to have your work emails forwarded to your personal email account we ask that you add our premium spam filter to your Metisentry account. This will prevent most spam messages getting to the forwarded account. We also ask that you not mark any emails as spam that come into your AOL.com account.

If you ever have any questions regarding your email accounts don’t hesitate to call.