Do you have a process but don’t have software to support it?

Tired of working from spreadsheets and post-its to run your business?  When you got started this process made sense.  And it’s a great process but you need the right tools to adapt it to your growing business.

Streamline your business with Metisentry.

Some of our existing products such as OrderSentry will be a great place for you to start working with us.

With Metisentry you’re getting a sustainable, efficient process, not just software.

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Making updates to your website can be as easy and convenient as editing a Word document.

Client Relationship Managers

Easily access and manage the workflow of one or many with Metisentry’s CRM systems.  Get critical data out of your head and shared with your team.  CRMs reduce training, can be made accessible to anyone from anywhere at any time as well as share information crucial to efficient workflow such as order statuses between team members.

Integrated Software Solutions

Where ‘off-the-shelf’ and custom software meet.

Business Applications

Gain control and increase user coherence across all organizational roles.  This advantageous approach to workflow management results in efficiency and innovation in your company.


Software as a Service

Utilize the cloud to provide business continuity, flexibility, growth, efficiency and increased user adoption in everyday business practices.