Wish making changes to your website could be as easy as editing a Word document?  It can be!shutterstock_131495258

Do you regularly have product and service offering updates to make?  See a typo you wish didn’t take a week of emails to your webmaster to tweak?  Metisentry’s WordPress solutions are the answer.

WordPress is a content management system with thousands of plugins and themes to provide customizable options for websites. Our utilization of this content management system will make your life easier, and management of online content fun and simple! WordPress has many favorable features:

  • Simplicity
    WordPress is built to be easy to operate, allowing websites to get up and running quickly.
  • Flexibility
    WordPress allows you to make your site as basic or as complex as you want. Websites, blogs, online magazines, online communities—the sky is the limit with the wide variety of themes and plugins to choose from
  • Easy to Publish Content
    Publishing content on a WordPress site is as easy as typing up a Word document. Use the easy tool bar to format the layout of your site, easily add media, and publish the content to your site with a click of a button.
  • Support
    Not only do you receive support for your hosted site from Metisentry, but there is a WordPress community willing to help as well. Find out about common issues, possible vulnerabilities, or learn more about the plugins your site uses through WordPress support forums or online tutorials.

At Metisentry, we believe WordPress is the best option for anyone seeking content management based on functionality and return on investment. Visit our Projects Portfolio to see how a Metisentry hosted WordPress site has helped many other businesses. Have your internet presence right at your fingertips with Metisentry’s WordPress services.


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