Managed WordPress Hosting

Already have a WordPress site? Let the experts at metisentry technologyMetisentry maintain and host your WordPress for you.

All too often, WordPress users let their WordPress, themes, and plugins become outdated. This opens up the site to possible threats and vulnerabilities. We can’t stress enough the importance of keeping everything up-to-date. To help our clients stay on top of this, we offer WordPress hosting packages. As a WordPress Premium Hosting client, you’ll benefit from:

  • Managed Hosting of Your Site
    • We store your website on our servers, taking care of monitoring and maintaining your site for you.
  • WordPress, Theme, & Plugin Updates
    • When WordPress, themes, and plugins become outdated, your site becomes vulnerable. With our WordPress Premium Hosting, these updates are taken care of for you, keeping your site protected.
  • Daily Backups
    • In order to better protect your data, we back up your site daily. This makes it quicker and easier to restore your site in the event that a problem occurs.
  • Performance & Uptime Monitoring
    • Our WordPress Premium Hosting provides monitoring of our servers, as well as monitoring of each individual WordPress site. The additional website monitoring alerts us if a problem exists on an individual site. This allows us to quickly resolve issues that may arise.
  • Security Monitoring
    • With today’s increase in software vulnerabilities, it is important to protect your site. Our security monitoring puts defenses and monitoring in place to keep your site protected from hackers, malicious activity, and other vulnerabilities.
  • Contact Form Monitoring
    • Without monitoring contact forms, companies may not be aware that they aren’t actually receiving contact form submissions. We monitor your contact form submissions in order to recognize and resolve issues to help prevent lost sales, or an alienated customer.

Our WordPress Premium Hosting clients can rest easy, knowing the Metisentry team is keeping their site protected. We even keep our hosting clients informed on what maintenance and updates occur through quarterly WordPress Premium Hosting reports.

Our WordPress Premium Hosting clients are taking proactive measures to keep their WordPress site up-to-date and protected. By leaving their website hosting and maintenance to the Metisentry team, clients can instead focus on growing their business.

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