Integrated Software Solutions

Where ‘off-the-shelf’ and custom software meet.shutterstock_171785249

Do you wish your word processing, data-base management, accounting software, and client relationship managers could talk to each other?  Metisentry’s Integrated Software Solutions can make that a reality!

Technology has become a major necessity in today’s day-to-day operations, especially when it comes to running a business. Integrated Software Solutions takes separate software components and applications of a business and combines them to operate cohesively. This allows the technology to ‘talk’ to each other. As these programs talk to one another, data and information is automatically shared and stored across all applications involved, limiting the amount of manual data entry and cross reference that needs to be performed. This helps prevent duplication of work, and also decreases the likelihood of error that exists with manual entry.

At Metisentry, we build, manage, and integrate business software and datacenter systems through web, mobile, and cloud platforms to manage workflow and change the way people do business. As a single-vendor provider, we do everything in-house, allowing us to customize our services to fit you and your company’s needs.

‘Off-the-shelf’ software does not work for everyone, and you should not have to limit your business to what you can buy pre-packaged. Our Integrated Software Solutions allow you to build your business how you want it. This software solution promotes company growth, instead of holding you back because of limitations you find with pre-made software packages.

Create your custom integration and promote scalability with Metisentry’s Integrated Software Solutions. You can check out the many examples of how we help clients utilize Integrated Software Solutions in our Projects Portfolio.

Desire to improve inefficiencies?  We break down barriers that exist in markets.  Have a challenge?  We’re ready to accept it.

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