Whether an entrepreneur, a small business, or an enterprise, Metisentry works with businesses, both locally and internationally, to provide e-commerce solutions.

E-Commerce business may include, but is not limited to:iStock_000014557224Medium

  • Online shopping for direct sales to customers
  • Business-to-Business buying and selling
  • Marketing to prospective customers through email (i.e. a newsletter)
  • Online introduction and testing of new products and services before they hit the stores

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar business or only have a virtual address, e-commerce can be utilized to enhance customer experience and aid company growth. For businesses that operate on a 9-5 work day, e-commerce can allow them to be productive 24/7. Offering customers the option to place online orders can expedite in-store pick-up or delivery, while also allowing orders to take place outside of regular business hours. Allowing orders to be placed when convenient for the customer can expand client base. For those businesses who are able to ship products great distances, online ordering can allow them to expand their customer reach. Those who are far away can make a purchase on behalf of someone in the company’s immediate area, such as gift cards or floral delivery. Aside from online ordering, using e-commerce to gather data and market to prospective customers is a great way to target the right individuals in order to further expand client base.

From online order placement to shopping carts, galleries and more, Metisentry can provide the e-commerce solution that is right for your business. Check out our Projects Portfolio to see how we’ve helped provide e-commerce solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes using our services such as a Metisentry hosted Magento site.

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