Datacenter Solutions

Technician sitting in front of web server cabinets

Metisentry’s datacenter offers scalable solutions to meet the growing demands of your business.  Our 4 datacenter locations are all serviced and supported in-house, meaning we are your single point of contact.  Any problems you may be experiencing can be dealt with through us, giving Metisentry a competitive advantage. There is less lag time between discovering and resolving any issues, keeping your business up and running. We don’t point fingers, we get the job done.

With our years of expertise in datacenter management, along with our VMWare partnership, Metisentry is a mid-west leader in virtualization. Virtualization reduces costs while increasing efficiency and utilization of hardware. It improves business continuity and is key in enabling technology for building cloud platforms. Cloud platforms, such as Software as a Service, are continually evolving, which enables new solutions to exist where they were previously impractical.

As an Infrastructure as a Service Provider, Cloud Service Provider and Software as a Service Provider, we strive to provide the best hosted services to our clients. That also includes hosting clusters across multiple servers. These hosting clusters provide redundancy and result in increased reliable speed and responsiveness, while reducing risk and preventing failures.

We invite you to take a look through our Projects Portfolio and learn even more about how our datacenter solutions may benefit your business.

Does your business fluctuate based on the season? Are you a startup? We understand businesses who seek flexible resources. We offer the competitive edge in economical scalability that your business needs and our datacenter services will grow with you. Metisentry’s hosting services can mimic the ebb and flow of your business.

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