Custom Software Solutions

shutterstock_119580997Don’t let ‘off-the-shelf’ software define your business.  All too often we see businesses sacrifice their founding processes, especially as they grow.  Great processes need to be adapted by using the right tools, not by jamming them into a ‘close enough’ solution.

Many benefits come from using custom software, some of which include:

It’s the Best Fit for Your Business’s Needs

Custom Software is tailor-made to best fit your individual business needs. Plugins, themes, and applications can be added or taken away at your discretion, as your business grows and develops. You are not restricted to the limitations of the ‘off-the-shelf’ software, allowing for scalability.

Custom Software is Better Protected From External Threats

Majority of hacking attempts are on well-known, commonly-used software. By having custom software, hackers are less likely to figure out how your software operates.

Your Software is Maintained as Long as You Want it to Be

With ‘off-the-shelf’ software, it is limited to the life of the software developer and those who own the licensing rights to it. They have the right to stop selling a certain software, raise the price of having the rights to it, or change how it looks and operates. With custom software, you can maintain it as long as you desire and make the changes you want, when you want.

Build custom software with Metisentry and see the walls boxing you in crumble and give way to success.  Do what works for your business, not what you can make work for your business.

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