Business Applications

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Business applications are any programs that are important for running and maintaining a business. These programs can be large ‘off-the-shelf’ programs, or specialized tools built for the needs of the company. Business applications can be for business-to-consumer, business-to-business, or even internal systems, and are an advantageous approach to workflow management that result in efficiency and innovation within your company. Just check out our Projects Portfolio as evidence!

Some common examples of Business Applications are:

  • Ordering Systems (B2C)
  • Customer Support Systems (B2C)
  • Parts Ordering (B2B)
  • HR systems (Internal)

Do you currently use spreadsheets to track your business data? Business applications allow you to ditch your spreadsheet system and aggregate the data you collect using specialized software. This data can then be turned into easily understood charts and graphs to assist in making timely decisions that matter to the success of your business.

Business applications can be used for companies of all shapes and sizes. Smaller businesses commonly use accounting applications and other products, such as Microsoft Office. Medium companies typically use human resource management systems, client relationship managers systems, shopping cart software, and other productivity enhancing applications. Larger businesses use enterprise-level business applications that are extensive and complex.

When you tap into Metisentry’s software and data aggregating expertise, you’ll be able to measure and see an increase in productivity as well as pinpoint where business functions could be performed more accurately to further success. Visit our Projects Portfolio to see how we have helped our clients succeed with our business applications.

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