A few months back, Mcafee announced they were shutting down their email spam filtering service at the end of 2016. We’ve been working with our provider to move all our Mcafee customers to a replacement product, FuseMail. You’ll still receive the same quality spam filtering but a few things will be changing; mostly cosmetic.

Most notably, the spam report will have a new subject line and from address. It will also look a little different. Here is an example of the new spam report you’ll get each morning.




When you click Preview it will open a new window or tab and you’ll be able to see the email from the FuseMail portal. There are options at the bottom of the page to release, allow, and allow and release.




Releasing: releases the email to your mailbox without taking any other action.
Allow Sender: Adds the sender to your allowed senders list, but doesn’t release the email.
Allow and Release: Adds the sender to your allowed senders list, and releases the email.

As you can see, it is pretty similar to the Mcafee spam report letter.
In the next post, I’ll go over how to use the user portal to make changes to your FuseMail user account.