Virtual Colocation and Conversion

virtual colocationA global manufacturer was consolidating their infrastructure, and had identified two separate physical servers as the next target: one through Metisentry, and one through a different datacenter, located across the country. Initially, the Metisentry team suggested virtualizing their physical server that was in our datacenter, informing the client of some of the benefits of server virtualization including:

  • Cost Savings
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Increased Uptime and Recovery
  • And More

Aware of the benefits, this global manufacturer’s IT Director agreed that server virtualization was the best option. In compliance with the manufacturing company’s policies, the physical hard drives were shipped to the client for destruction purposes, after the conversion was complete.

Seeing the benefits of switching over to a virtual server, the IT Director was interested in consolidating all of their data into Metisentry’s datacenter. The client was not fully aware of who was currently in charge of the upkeep of the other server, and wanted to be sure their data was being monitored properly. Having a server located across the country made physically moving it an unfeasible option. Physically moving the server would require a team to disconnect the server, package it up, and ship it to our datacenter. This would have been risky, as the possibility of hardware and components within the server breaking along the way was likely. The manufacturing company would have had to deal with several days of downtime as well, while the server was relocated.

In order to avoid these foreseeable challenges, the Metisentry team decided to use a unique method of transferring the data from the physical server to a virtual server. For the first time ever, Metisentry was able to virtualize a physical server entirely through the internet. By remotely connecting to the data on the server, our team was able to install software, pull the data off of the physical server, and move it to a virtual server. This process took less than a day, and occurred overnight, leaving this global manufacturer with no downtime. The conversion has helped this company save money, cutting their monthly server expenses by more than 75%. The virtual server is now monitored by Metisentry’s product, BackupLegend, helping to assure this client that their data is backed up and secure.

Completing a server conversion over the internet was the key success of this project. Our team was able to help our client consolidate their data, without the downtime and risk involved with physically going out to the datacenter. This saved time and money for both Metisentry and this global manufacturing company.