Streamlined Proposal Approval with Digital Signatures

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Metisentry announced the official launch of our new service, Proposerly. Proposerly is a FREE online service that allows anyone to upload files and create shareable proposal URLs that can be approved or declined.

Over the years, proposals have been sent in many varying forms:

  • 1980’s- Proposals were commonly sent by mail
  • Late 1980’s- Faxing became a faster alternative to ‘snail mail’
  • 1990’s- PDF’s emerged and email began to take over

This ever-changing technology has given present-day proposal senders many options. They can use the more traditional forms of sending proposals (mail and fax), or a more technologically-advanced method of sending proposals electronically. Sending electronic proposals is the fastest option today; however, it does not make it easy to get a signature for approval. Proposerly provides a solution for this void in digital signature capability.

“This idea started with digital signatures. We send out quotes internally and had to fax them for approval. I’m not a fan of faxing and thought there must be an easier way to create proposals on the fly.”  -Marling Engle, Metisentry Founder & CEO

Metisentry has been using an internal system similar to Proposerly for quotes, in which clients could electronically sign proposal forms. With digital signatures in mind, our team quickly went to work creating a service that would simplify the proposal process for everyone.

The creation of Proposerly took about a month and a half, starting mid-May and wrapping up early July. Proposerly was built from scratch, using a wide range of technologies including Apache, CSS, HTML, Ruby on Rails, and VMWare. In order to stick with the original launch date of July 15th, our team worked diligently, even finishing a few days ahead of schedule.

Although Proposerly just recently went live, we have already seen success! A member of our Metisentry team was able to use it first-hand with a client for administrative responsibilities. Our team member sent out an email to the client with an authorization form attached. The client expressed their wish to approve the request, but they were not in the office to print and sign the form. Wanting to prevent any delay to the client’s request, our member created a proposal using Proposerly. The URL was sent to the client, who was able to review and sign the form digitally, approving the request same-day.

Proposerly allows us to share with others what we have been able to do internally for years. We are excited to help others streamline their proposal approval process with our new FREE service!