Shorter Sales Cycle & Efficient Workflow

To start the order process, customers select the type of sign they would like to create.

A wholesale printing company approached Metisentry looking to improve their order-taking process. Initially, order-taking was time consuming and labor intensive. Customers wanting to place an order would be directed to an order form on the wholesaler’s website. The customer would have to download the form, fill it out, and fax it back to the company.

The old order forms did not include pricing information, and customers placing orders that required artwork samples had to download a separate form to submit the artwork. This client had to go back and forth with their customers on pricing and design information to get the order complete and approved.

Wanting to improve our client’s workflow, and generate pricing quotes immediately, the Metisentry team built a customizable quote builder, Configurator.

Configurator made it easy for this wholesaler to automate their order-taking process. Instead of requiring customers to download forms, an online shopping cart was implemented onto this client’s site. The Metisentry team customized Configurator to include all possible items this printing company could produce. Images were uploaded to give customers a visual of the different products available.


Customers can customize their sign by selecting options, such as sizing, within the shopping cart.

To place an order using Configurator, customers start by choosing their signage style and material, such as a vinyl banner or a floor adhesive. As shoppers go through the order process, they can build their own custom product wish list by selecting sizing, color, and design preferences. During this process, a quote is generated on-the-fly based on the style, material, and features selected. Each customer creates a personal account, where their order history and account information is stored in their shopping cart for later reference, or a reorder. This automated order process saves the wholesaler time and money, as the customer can build a quote without the back and forth process that was required initially.

In addition to making the ordering process easier, this e-commerce solution helps this printing company:

  • generate quotes on-the-fly
  • speed up their sales process
  • store customer order history
  • improve workflow efficiency
  • and more

Metisentry gave this client a mobile-friendly product, benefiting their sales efforts. Having the ability to access Configurator from a mobile device, distributors and field personnel can build quotes on the spot for customers. This helps speed up the sales process, as customers can receive accurate pricing estimates without the wait. Information collected out in the field can be stored within the customer’s account, making it readily available when the customer wishes to place an order. Configurator also has a pricing feature, allowing customers to complete the sales process by paying via purchase order or credit card.

This wholesale printing company has benefited from improved workflow, with a faster, less-manual ordering process. Metisentry’s e-commerce solution provides an immediate quote builder, less error from manually filling out order forms, and a shorter sales process for both the printer and their customers.