Research Paper Publishing & E-commerce

mobile-paymentAs a century old professional society with a mission to expand their industry’s development through educational, technical and interactive activities, many members of their scientific community rely on this non-profit’s published research and hosted events. As a respected industry resource, this organization strives to assist in publishing scholarly research papers, allowing them to be previewed and purchased as well as provide a platform for industry specific events that the public is invited to learn about and purchase tickets to attend.

Traditionally, research papers are buried away in paper files and only available to a few people who were aware of their existence. Needing a way to reach their audience in the digital age, this organization sought a central location for industry professionals to find and easily access all they have to offer. They turned to an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution – a standard e-commerce shopping cart. They came to find that this traditional approach to e-commerce was not a fit for their needs. Because traditional shopping carts are not made with a specific industry in mind users only have so many options. This research organization was not able to add proper industry descriptions to items, utilize this system for organizing the conferences they host or sort information by topic within this ‘off-the-shelf’ solution. And to top it all off, this system was not open to the public, dramatically limiting their audience and reach.

This ‘off-the-shelf’ solution did not match this client’s reality. Rather than further attempt to fit their business process to this inadequate e-commerce solution, the organization began to explore other options. One  option was a solution specific to their vertical but not their industry. Upon further research they found this solution would adequately assist in creating an online resource for people in their community to publish research papers and share them. However, this came at a steep price and did not address their event needs. It was determined that they needed to keep searching for a solution.

When referred to Metisentry, they found their solution. We listened to their needs. We learned what they did and didn’t like about the previous systems they had used and researched. With this knowledge, our Metisentry development team presented them with an intuitive solution. Our solution processes the research documents this organization publishes and pulls out author and title information and the abstract allowing viewers to preview the material prior to purchase.

Also, this Metisentry e-commerce solution is helping to boost this organization’s visibility through two key pieces.  Research publications often contain many industry specific keywords, which search engines will happily reference, only if they are able. Not only is our custom software solution accessible to search engines allowing for relevant industry content to be found but the public can now access this organization’s store. Search engine and public accessibility are expanding this client’s audience reach and exposing their research and publications to more people.

The Metisentry team further tailored this system to their needs with additional functionality to include the creation and organization of events and conferences. This research publisher and distributor is able to mange their events and research papers all through this one system. Not only did they get what they were seeking and more, but all at a manageable cost.

[Metisentry was] very easy to work with and [had] good communication.

Accounting Manager