Online Giving Community

online giving communityThis client sought our assistance with an idea that she had thoroughly flushed out.  She shared her vision with us through the design examples and specs she had prepared.  She had foresight, preparation and clear vision and needed someone to make it a reality.  Working with Metisentry, this client’s dreams of an online community designed to fulfill needs, primarily those of seniors and persons with disabilities, through a points system is now a reality.

Utilizing Ruby on Rails and MySQL our team has built this interactive website from the ground up.  It is complete with user accounts, posting capabilities, and has the ability to monitor and account for point earning and redemption.  Users are able to login and easily use the site from desktop and mobile devices.

In order to accommodate the growth in traffic and use of this innovative platform, we have established a hosting and maintenance plan to scale with the client. Metisentry’s superior knowledge of e-commerce, data center solutions and web development provides a single-point of contact for this online community’s needs.

This project has certainly come a long way since it was first presented to us. Our agile development team has been able to keep up with the budgets and milestones set for each phase as it evolved and successfully launched it on time. This project will continue to grow and evolve and we’re thrilled to be the development and host vendor of choice. Stay tuned for updates!