Online Art Community

dizbefinalA young artist and entrepreneur approached us with the concept and vision to build an online art culture community.  And this client didn’t just want Metisentry to build the website, but to build a working relationship with us to help maintain and grow the site beyond the initial build.  As it so happens, that’s just the sort of thing we do.  Metisentry doesn’t operate like a freelancer; stepping in to just do one part and then sending the client on their way.  We want to take your idea from napkin to launch and beyond and that’s exactly what we did for this client.

Another way to describe this project is an online art gallery.  User accounts were created for artists and fans to log in.  Artists had the ability to create portfolios to post for viewing and for sale.  Utilizing Apache SOLR, artists were able to categorize their work.  This faceted searching made it easy for visitors to browse the tags to easily find what they were looking for.  Users were also able to add pieces to their ‘favorites’ to revisit later.  Built with MySQL and Ruby on Rails, the site was then integrated with PayPal for merchant services and shopping cart check outs.

From user accounts to integrating merchant software for shopping carts to comment features and user upload capabilities, Metisentry worked side-by-side to make this client’s dreams a reality.