Improved Workflow and File Security

fileshareSeeking a better workflow management system, a local staffing center reached out to the Metisentry team. This client had a system in place requiring recruited employees that had been placed in positions to send time sheets into the staffing office. With massive amounts of time sheets coming in at different times, and to different locations, it was a challenge to keep track of the sheets being received. Metisentry had a simple solution, FileShare.

FileShare is a secure portal application created and maintained by the Metisentry team. Originally created for an accounting firm, FileShare is a product that can be manipulated to fit the needs of any company seeking:

  • secure file sharing
  • centralized document storage
  • notifications when a secure client file has been received
  • individual and/or group logins and permissions
  • and more!

This staffing center’s headache of misplaced, insecure time sheets was corrected by Metisentry within a day. Our client did not have to do a thing, as a FileShare link was added to the staffing website’s homepage, giving them an immediate fix to their workflow management challenge. The added link made it possible for individuals to access a dropbox online and safely upload their time sheets directly to the website. The staffing center then received notifications when files were uploaded. FileShare gave the company a simple fix that made a significant difference. No longer having to search for files, this client could stay on top of the time sheets coming in, and keep submitted documents organized and secure, with minimal training of their team.

FileShare has many benefits, as it can be modified to integrate with other systems a business already has in place. As it did for this staffing center, FileShare can quickly help a company improve workflow and file security for them and their clients.