High-Traffic E-Commerce Site

shutterstock_119960116Seeking scalable resources for their growing company, this business was having difficulty finding a provider to work with who had services they needed now and those that would be required to grow with their expanding needs. Their search often resulted in either one or the other, all at a substantial cost.

Today, Metisentry has this organization successfully set up with a solution that meets their needs. To manage their website content and formatting, Metisentry runs their website content on WordPress. This enables this large organization to easily manage their large content volume across multiple people and departments. For their e-commerce needs, Metisentry integrated Magento to help easily manage the products that are available for purchase through this organization. And this has all been set up utilizing a hosting cluster. A hosting cluster solution uses resources across multiple servers to provide redundancy and results in increased reliable speed and responsiveness.

This organization has seen sales increase 400% after implementing our proposed solution. Reaching almost 75,000 visitors and over a 1.5 million page views a month, our solution provides a responsive, reliable e-commerce website for their users

For around half the cost of what other potential vendors were originally quoting them, this non-profit organization has found a partner in Metisentry. Set up on a budget-friendly full firm service program, this online non-profit and e-commerce community is able to be maintained and scaled as needed to reach their goals.