High Performance WordPress

A nation-wide publishing company approached us laptop keyboardwanting to return their website back to WordPress immediately. This company had issues with their initial WordPress site, and after being led to believe that WordPress was hopelessly broken, they switched to a new platform, Joomla. Soon after spending tens of thousands of dollars, this company found out that the content management system had nothing to do with the issues their site was experiencing. Rather, the problems were a result of the website design development and hosting set-up by the provider. They were given a poorly configured WordPress site, which then led to an even more poorly configured Joomla site. This company’s website took hits from all directions.

As previously stated, the issue was never WordPress, it was how WordPress was configured by the provider. The initial set-up did not pay attention to user interaction or web server management. The website was slow and pages were not easy to navigate. This site was not created to be user-friendly, making it a nightmare for employees to create content and for clients and other site visitors to navigate the content. It also lacked good coding practices, structure, and organization. The site was thrown together without thinking through what should be placed where, leaving pieces and parts scattered in an unorganized manner.

When transitioning the site from WordPress to Joomla, more problems occurred. The provider did not redirect social media and web links to the new site, causing 404 errors. Most likely the result of an unstable server, the site was slow, unresponsive, and unorganized causing an increase in bounce rates, loss of 30% of their website traffic, and reduced page reads. After all this time and money, this company found themselves back where they were prior to the Joomla switch, with an inefficient and unpredictable website.

Unhappy with their previous website hosting services, this client asked us to set-up a new WordPress site for their publishing company immediately, and we did just that! Using our WordPress optimized servers and maintenance services, this client is able to take advantage of our hosting cluster solution to provide scalability and virtualization for their site. We believe WordPress is the best option for this clients’ content management needs based on functionality and return on investment. After re-configuring this company’s WordPress site correctly, it is finally up and running properly for around one-third of the cost previously spent. This company was on the path to website suicide and is now recovering. When a site is not put together properly from the start and maintained accordingly, website traffic is lost, and this is hard to recover from. Now with their newly configured website from Metisentry, this client’s website traffic is on the rise and the site is more user-friendly for everyone.