Extending ERP Functionality with Modern Capabilities

erp integrationRecently, this 60 year old international manufacturing enterprise migrated to a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Their old ERP system had a custom designed client portal. They knew they wanted to continue to use the customer self-service portal but their existing portal was a legacy system. As with any legacy system, the portal was starting to show its age with reduced functionally and capabilities. It was becoming unreliable. It couldn’t keep up with new technology and modern expectations.

Having an existing, decade long relationship with Metisentry, this manufacturing team’s Information Technology Manager turned to our software experts for advice. Sharing our experience, including how we’ve helped businesses in situations similar to theirs, it became clear our team held the solution they needed. Initial requests included plugging the old system into their new ERP. Due to the age and limited functionality of their existing portal and a solid understanding of their needs and wants, Team Metisentry determined that not only was using the old system no longer possible but it was not the best solution either. Rather a new, and improved, software system was needed to extend the functionality of their ERP.

A new secure customer self-service portal was born. Focusing on the manufacturing company’s most immediate needs the Metisentry team started with a test version of the ERP integrated software. When the time came, our software team coordinated the official launch of the new system with their team to help ensure a seamless transition. Within 90 days, this project was completed.

Their new client self-service portal is better than ever. They now have increased functionality, reliability, speed, and are meeting modern expectations. Their clients can easily and securely access pricing, inventory, file sharing capabilities, order history, marketing & branding, sell sheets and more.

Within months of happily utilizing our solution, the client has already requested, and received, new modules and functionality. One set of updates included deeper customer access privileges enhancing their client’s self-service experience. Clients are now able to add their own users and set account permissions.

This leading global manufacturing is experiencing improved efficiency and customer service as a result of Metisentry’s integrated software solution.