ERP Integration & E-Commerce

agriculture softwareWhen a process has worked for 100 years, it can be hard to see the opportunity to improve. Taking every single order and detail from clients by phone is just what this established agricultural enterprise had always done. And in the age of automatic, real time information it became clear that something had to change.

When an order came in over the phone a sales rep acted as a catalog and would then search and enter order requests into an internal CRM system. How about a re-order? There was minimal information readily available. It was a laborious process to pull the history, share with the client and receive their feedback in regards to a new order. Then there’s question of ‘Will the item I need be available when I need it?’ Being in the agriculture industry, stock is more or less at the mercy of the weather and season and then of course factor demand in and forecasting availability becomes quite intense.

Many home grown attempts were made to address these needs. One such involved a spreadsheet created pre-season to project upcoming availability for an item. But as soon as an order or even a request to order arose, that data was outdated and couldn’t be quickly updated to account for the change. Multiply that times hundreds of items and it’s a system that quickly gets out of hand and lands you right back where you started. More and more it became apparent that addressing these points of frustration individually was not the answer. A system was needed that could help address all of them. What if the internal CRM could become transparent? What if automated supply forecasts could then be added? And updated in real time? No such product existed. That’s when a key player at this enterprise tapped into his intrapreneurship and approached Metisentry with an idea.

Working with Metisentry, this company now has an online e-commerce system that both their clients and team can benefit from. It acts as a shopping cart, CRM and central database. Clients and the sales team both have access to view order history and easily place orders and re-orders. Other departments are able to add item availability and projection details that are then visible to the client and sales team in real time. This client had a concept but no way to create it. Metisentry helped turn this concept into a reality.