Document Analysis Application

abstractionThis project is now in the staging process for a document management startup. Metisentry took this project on as a custom software-as-a-service.

Operating from a hosted cluster, Ruby on Rails, MySQL and Nginx are the foundation in building this dynamic and interactive application. OCR, which allows a user to highlight and ‘cut out’ a part of a document on the screen, is also key in the image processing feature of this app. With the ability to easily use on mobile devices, most commonly on iPads, this document management software is responsive and automated. Utilizing data mining it, also has the ability to extract valuable form the documents it processes. This data can then be represented within the application in many forms including data flow charts.

This project is certainly a far cry from it’s origination. Our agile development team was able to keep up with time frames as it evolved and successfully launched it into beta on time. Beta testing has uncovered opportunity for improved functionality, new features, upgraded UI/UX and more. This project is in it’s final stages leading up to the live launch. Stay tuned for updates!