CRM with Order Streamlining & Workflow Management

shutterstock_131495258When we learned that a local embroidery and screenprinting company was only utilizing 50% of their off-the-shelf solution that crashed regularly, we knew there had to be another way.  Not only were they paying 100% to use 50% of an unreliable program but their great processes and that software were not a match. We’ve seen time and time again that when businesses attempt to force an out-of-the-box software application to fit their processes, frustration and unnecessary costs ensue.

We helped our client take a step back and analyze the situation. Their current software assisted as an excellent CRM but when it came to tracking quotes and order statuses those were not shared knowledge. They also were not able to access this program from anywhere.  And when boiled, down, while their processes were able to scale, their existing software couldn’t support it.

Through software development, Metisentry was able to take their current processes forward into the processes they envisioned. With this combination of ideal processes and custom software, our client received a solution that fit their needs but at a manageable, off-the-shelf cost.  As part of their customization package, they opted for a feature to integrate with Quickbooks. Now they have a central, reliable solution that they can access from anywhere to find out the status of quotes, progress of orders, manage client invoicing and more. They’ve also noticed a reduced training period and faster user adoption rates. This solution fit them when it was built, and has been scaling along with them.