Centralized CRM Database

metisentry technologyThis launched project is making the lives of the team at a locally based medical imaging parts supplier a whole lot easier.  This client came to us with the tried and true spreadsheet method we commonly see utilized and relied on in small business.  This spreadsheet system is only true and trusty up until the business grows to a certain point.  At that point, a more scalable, sustainable method needs transitioned to.

What’s often so great about the spreadsheet method is that it lends very well in Metisentry’s creation of a scalable, sustainable solution and leads to a smooth transition and user adoption rate.  Further, in this case, Metisentry was able to utilize our own off-the-shelf product, OrderSentry, to create a customized solution to meet this supplier’s needs.  Not only current needs, but any future needs as they scale.

When Metisentry can utilize in-house, off-the-shelf products and tailor them for the client, this results in a custom solution without a high price tag that often accompanies ‘custom’.  In fact, compared to other straight off-the-shelf, commercialized software solutions they were evaluating they have received our solution that is customized to fit their needs and 85% less in monthly subscription costs.

Now this supplier can focus on further growing business rather than sinking time and energy into an overshared and overmodified spreadsheet.  Time is also saved and margin of error decreased as this solution allows everyone to save and share data.  They no longer have to manually create duplicate entries between systems.  Data entry, data analysis and workflow are now significantly more manageable from Metisentry’s cost-effective, efficient solution.

Metisentry has helped us grow our business immensely by providing us with a database which helps us keep track of our customers, quotes and sales to customers, along with sales history. We are now able to link our sales from our database directly into QuickBooks which has definitely saved us a lot of time and helps prevent costly mistakes.

Owner & Founder