Automated Digital Publishing

computer-keyboardA local publisher that produces unique content for approximately 30 markets had an online viewing system that primarily used Flash. To support the zoom function of their Flash book, they had to manually create sets of proofs and upload them to the site, a time-consuming process that cost over 100 hours per month.

The use of the Flash based system also caused issues for consumers – those trying to access and utilize the online viewing system. Flash does not cooperate with mobile browsers, especially older ones and it does not work well on Apple iOS devices. For those who could access the view book, there were issues when they tried to print and the zoom function was time-consuming to use.

These internal and external user frustrations and time sinks had this publisher searching for a better solution.

When this project was brought to Metisentry, the first thing our team did was ditch Flash entirely and create a new online viewing system. Zoom issues, printing complications and browser and iOS capabilities were corrected – now iPhone and iPad users were able to view books on their mobile devices, greatly expanding their market!

We also paid special attention to craft our solution to fit seamlessly into the production flow they were used to. By fitting our new elements into their existing process, employees didn’t have to be trained on a whole new process. This saves time and money.

Ultimately, Metisentry’s solution greatly improved user experience for both employees and consumers And changed the publishing company’s production cycle for the better. By shaving time off their production cycle, taking their previous two production cycles down to one, this project paid for itself within the first month. A one month ROI is certainly substantial.

I am super happy with the new printing feature. Thanks again, and I am looking forward to seeing the new website processes in action!

Stacey B

Art Director