mobilenessOur clients give us the creative outlet our driven team yearns for. Each of our clients has a unique business with particular needs. We build, manage and integrate software solutions to meet those needs.

Critical thinking and problem solving is what drives us. Our clients present us with many a challenge. And we readily accept to work together to provide a solution.

Types of ideas we work with include mobile applications and interactive software products run on web and mobile platforms as well as the projects below.



erp integration

Extending ERP Functionality with Modern Capabilities

Recently, this 60 year old international manufacturing enterprise migrated to a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Their old ERP system had a custom designed client portal. They knew they wanted to continue to use the customer self-service portal but their existing portal was a legacy system. As with any legacy system, the portal was […]

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Shorter Sales Cycle & Efficient Workflow

A wholesale printing company approached Metisentry looking to improve their order-taking process. Initially, order-taking was time consuming and labor intensive. Customers wanting to place an order would be directed to an order form on the wholesaler’s website. The customer would have to download the form, fill it out, and fax it back to the company. […]

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virtual colocation

Virtual Colocation and Conversion

A global manufacturer was consolidating their infrastructure, and had identified two separate physical servers as the next target: one through Metisentry, and one through a different datacenter, located across the country. Initially, the Metisentry team suggested virtualizing their physical server that was in our datacenter, informing the client of some of the benefits of server […]

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fileshare secure portal application

Improved Workflow and File Security

Seeking a better workflow management system, a local staffing center reached out to the Metisentry team. This client had a system in place requiring recruited employees that had been placed in positions to send time sheets into the staffing office. With massive amounts of time sheets coming in at different times, and to different locations, […]

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Streamlined Proposal Approval with Digital Signatures

Metisentry announced the official launch of our new service, Proposerly. Proposerly is a FREE online service that allows anyone to upload files and create shareable proposal URLs that can be approved or declined. Over the years, proposals have been sent in many varying forms: 1980’s- Proposals were commonly sent by mail Late 1980’s- Faxing became a […]

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agriculture software

ERP Integration & E-Commerce

When a process has worked for 100 years, it can be hard to see the opportunity to improve. Taking every single order and detail from clients by phone is just what this established agricultural enterprise had always done. And in the age of automatic, real time information it became clear that something had to change. […]

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Research Paper Publishing & E-commerce

As a century old professional society with a mission to expand their industry’s development through educational, technical and interactive activities, many members of their scientific community rely on this non-profit’s published research and hosted events. As a respected industry resource, this organization strives to assist in publishing scholarly research papers, allowing them to be previewed and purchased […]

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Automated Digital Publishing

A local publisher that produces unique content for approximately 30 markets had an online viewing system that primarily used Flash. To support the zoom function of their Flash book, they had to manually create sets of proofs and upload them to the site, a time-consuming process that cost over 100 hours per month. The use […]

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clean water wiki crowdsourcing wiki with open source technology

Crowdsourcing Wiki with Open Source Technology

Recently, our Founder and CEO, Marling Engle, attended the NASA Apps Challenge in Cleveland, OH. Working off of the Clean Water Mapping challenge, one of the many real-life challenges presented at the 2015 NASA Apps Challenge, Marling developed the CleanWaterWiki. Before developing this Wiki, Marling researched the issue affecting so many under-developed areas around the world. His […]

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High Performance WordPress

A nation-wide publishing company approached us wanting to return their website back to WordPress immediately. This company had issues with their initial WordPress site, and after being led to believe that WordPress was hopelessly broken, they switched to a new platform, Joomla. Soon after spending tens of thousands of dollars, this company found out that the content […]

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High-Traffic E-Commerce Site

Seeking scalable resources for their growing company, this business was having difficulty finding a provider to work with who had services they needed now and those that would be required to grow with their expanding needs. Their search often resulted in either one or the other, all at a substantial cost. Today, Metisentry has this […]

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certified nerds

POS, CRM, Workflow Management All-in-One

A local computer repair and sales shop was tracking orders manually on custom order forms and inputting data into Quickbooks for billing purposes. What they needed was a point-of-sale system, CRM, and workflow manager all-in-one. And that’s what Metisentry gave them. By combining our signature off-the-shelf software with their custom needs, this tech shop now […]

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CRM with Order Streamlining & Workflow Management

When we learned that a local embroidery and screenprinting company was only utilizing 50% of their off-the-shelf solution that crashed regularly, we knew there had to be another way.  Not only were they paying 100% to use 50% of an unreliable program but their great processes and that software were not a match. We’ve seen […]

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metisentry technology

Centralized CRM Database

This launched project is making the lives of the team at a locally based medical imaging parts supplier a whole lot easier.  This client came to us with the tried and true spreadsheet method we commonly see utilized and relied on in small business.  This spreadsheet system is only true and trusty up until the […]

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Online Giving Community

This client sought our assistance with an idea that she had thoroughly flushed out.  She shared her vision with us through the design examples and specs she had prepared.  She had foresight, preparation and clear vision and needed someone to make it a reality.  Working with Metisentry, this client’s dreams of an online community designed […]

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Document Analysis Application

This project is now in the staging process for a document management startup. Metisentry took this project on as a custom software-as-a-service. Operating from a hosted cluster, Ruby on Rails, MySQL and Nginx are the foundation in building this dynamic and interactive application. OCR, which allows a user to highlight and ‘cut out’ a part of […]

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Online Art Community

A young artist and entrepreneur approached us with the concept and vision to build an online art culture community.  And this client didn’t just want Metisentry to build the website, but to build a working relationship with us to help maintain and grow the site beyond the initial build.  As it so happens, that’s just […]

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Virtualization & Cloud Services

A Fortune 500 global leader in sports, fashion and media, this enterprise needs to be available to its team and clients 24/7 throughout the 30+ countries it operates in around the world.  As a VMWare Service Provider we offer Infrastructure as a Servicse (Iaas) and  Cloud Services.  Metisentry virtualized this client’s hosting services to take them to […]

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Datacenter Solutions & Vendor Liaision

Metisentry has been a long-standing resource for the subsidiary of a Fortune 500 global electronics company.  By utilizing our cost-effective datacenter solutions, this enterprise receives reliability and scalability all through a single point of contact – the Metisentry team!  This also means that whenever their other vendors need access to their servers and infrastructure to […]

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franchise data analysis

Central Franchise Data Reporting

With 40+ years under their belt, this team of weight loss professionals came to us with a very well defined process that was working for them.  However, this was a paper based process.  Looking for faster connectivity to their franchisees, a digital version to supplant the paper process was desired.  Metisentry provided the solution by automating […]

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