fileshare secure portal applicationFileShare is a secure portal application created and maintained by the Metisentry team. While very popular among accounting and financial services firms, FileShare is designed for any company seeking:

  • secure file sharing
  • centralized document storage
  • securely collect and distribute client files
  • notification when a secure client file has been received
  • individual &/or group logins and permissions
  • and more!

In addition to these benefits, FileShare has the ability to create global files. Global files allow companies to distribute generic files, or messaging, to any client at one time. For example, tax forms are commonly distributed through global files, making the forms available to all clients to view and download. Global files help save time, as companies can upload multiple files at once. Within the global files feature, clients have the ability to set up a personal account. This account can be accessed through a login, making it possible for businesses and clients to edit documents and send them back and forth privately.

Outside of its product features, FileShare also includes:

  • commercial support
  • backups
  • enterprise-grade datacenter services

FileShare has many benefits, as it can be modified to integrate with other systems a business already has in place. As it did for this local staffing center, FileShare can quickly help a company improve workflow, communication, file security, and more!

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