Throughout our experiences we often see the same obstacles pop up over and over for our business clients. Sometimes a common problem still requires a unique and custom solution and sometimes we find ourselves utilizing the same methods again and again. And when the latter occurs it can give way to the creation of a Metisentry product like the ones you see below.

We have created some of our own off-the-shelf solutions. But what’s great about these is that the majority aren’t just off-the-shelf, send-you-on-your-way, leave-you-to-figure-out-how-to-apply-this-to-your-business solutions. Rather they are starting points. They offer a solid foundation that we can then tailor to your needs. We can fit the solution to you rather than you having to fit your business to it. This can result in lower costs and faster adoption timelines than starting from scratch with a custom solution or a strictly off-the-shelf product.



Launched in January 2015, BackupLegend is proactive backup monitoring software. Designed with Managed Service Providers in mind, BackupLegend is the single pain of glass that takes the manual, labor-intensive effort out of backup monitoring. This cloud-based, software-as-a-service can be set up in just a few minutes and saves hundreds of hours per year. Unlike any other backup monitoring software or process, BackupLegend expects success instead of waiting for failure.

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OrderSentry is a cloud-based CRM and workflow management software solution. Designed, developed and managed by Metisentry it offers a modular approach that can be tailored to your specific workflow processes and business needs. All at a manageable cost that has been found in some cases to by 10 times less expensive than popular, widely used off-the-shelf products.

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FileShare is a secure portal application created and maintained by the Metisentry team. While very popular among accounting and financial services firms, FileShare is designed for any company seeking secure file sharing, centralized document storage and more! Improve your workflow, communication, file security and more with FileShare today!

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fileshare secure portal application


DocEgon is an e-commerce platform for publishing and distributing research and academic papers. Designed to reduce workload on digital content curators, DocEgon features automated email confirmations, password recovery systems, and payment processing. DocEgon is also able to read content from research papers to assist search engines in finding documents. Once the desired document is found, users can easily purchase and download the research paper, presentation, or other digital content. Any purchase the user makes is then stored in their personal library, within the organization’s site.

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Configurator, created by the Metisentry team, allows individuals to build product cost estimates based on their needs and wants. Similar to online shopping carts, individuals can select certain components that pertain to their needs and submit them for an on-the-fly quote. This product is mobile-friendly, allowing customers, distributors, and field personnel to create a customer wish list at their convenience. Product categories and options can be added or removed, making this product customizable to fit your business needs. Shorten your sales cycle with Metisentry’s Configurator.

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configurator quotes & commerce

HasUptime, created by the Metisentry team, is dedicated to providing the best website uptime and performance monitoring service. The technology behind HasUptime is developed and maintained entirely in-house, which gives us an unbeatable agility and efficiency to provide the most up-to-date services to our clients. We are continually striving to add advanced website monitoring services and they will be made available on our control panel when released.

There are three service levels to choose from so you can select the one that best fits your needs to ensure your business website stays up and running, all for a reasonable cost.

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StationCheck, created and maintained by the Metisentry team, is a web-based, multi-user application designed to help fire departments achieve operational excellence. Since inception, the project has had hundreds of thousands of records submitted in real world testing. StationCheck is built to scale and to adapt to each fire department’s record keeping needs.

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Proposerly, designed and developed by the Metisentry team, is a FREE online service that allows you to get a proposal uploaded, shared, and reviewed quickly and easily. With no sign-up necessary, you can create and share a proposal and receive a decision, with feedback, almost immediately. Proposal reviewers can digitally sign to further validate their decision.

Proposerly makes it easy to create on the fly proposals with digital signatures. It eliminates the hassle of sending forms back-and-forth. This FREE service makes it easy to streamline your proposal approval process.

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