How to Prevent 404 Errors

404 Errors can wreak havoc on your website. Here’s how to avoid the path to “website suicide.”

Redirects – Any time you make updates to your website including website overhauls where you’re building a new site, you must consider the necessity of redirects. Not all pages may be worth a redirect effort. For example, a removed page that only got 100 hits may not be candidate for a redirect if other pages on your site are getting 1,000 hits.

Broken Link Checkers – These are great tools that a platform like WordPress can offer. That way you’ll know right away if there are any links on your website that don’t go anywhere. You can quickly know, evaluate and resolve them.

Us! – We can help with all of the above and more! In our website redesign packages we automatically bundle redirects into your new website project. We will also make sure you are set up with broken link checker tools where possible.

Don’t let a 404 Error happen to your business website. Instill these practices today and get on board with Metisentry for your next website project.