Metisentry Stepped It Up With Downtown Akron

100 mil stepsTeam Metisentry took part in the 100 Million Steps Challenge in Downtown Akron. This challenge was designed to get individuals, friends, family members, community organizations, and local businesses to take part in a city-wide health initiative. The 100 Million Steps Challenge encouraged the Downtown Akron community to get out and walk 100 million steps collectively. Starting on April 18 and running through June 25, participants had 10 weeks to get their steps in.

“I’ve always liked walking around Downtown and finding new shops or restaurants, and the ‘100 Million Steps Challenge’ was a great nudge to do more of it!” -Marling Engle, Metisentry Founder & CEO

To join the challenge, individuals had to simply register for the event using their name and email. Participants could join the challenge individually, or as part of a team. 149 teams signed up, with more than 900 individuals registered. Daily step goals were set, and steps were tracked using the Walker Tracker App. The majority of Team Metisentry participated.

Each week, participants were sent a summary of their activity, as well as the activity of their team as a whole. These summaries showed the total number of steps taken, individuals and teams that were close to your total number of steps, and overall ranking in the competition. Internally, we recognized Metisentry’s top participants with weekly prizes based on total steps taken for the week. As a team, we also set new goals to increase our overall placement in the competition.

Throughout the 10 weeks, our team members got their steps in at a variety of locations. From visiting the Metro Parks to simply walking around Downtown on a lunch break, our team discovered new locations throughout the Akron area. Metisentry was very involved on social media, using the related hashtags #AkronSteps100 and #StepItUp. With these hashtags, we shared pictures and updates of our journey for the 100 Million Steps Challenge on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

metro parks     metro parks 2

Within the first month of the challenge, the City of Akron surpassed the 100 million step goal with more than 147,000,000 steps. In order to continue pushing the Akron community to keep walking, we became a part of the American Public Health Association’s challenge to walk 1 billion steps across the entire country. The steps logged during the 100 Million Steps Challenge were added to the APHA’s bank to help get Akron on the map, and show the country what all we are doing here in Downtown.

In the end, Metisentry ranked 101 out of the 149 teams with a combined total of 1,322,708 steps. Our first place team member contributed 505,837 steps individually. They also placed in the Top 500 overall for the Individual Challenge. While the top overall winners of the challenge will receive recognition at an Akron RubberDucks game, we held our own little results party. There we recognized personal bests, highest daily step counts and our top 3 steppers with prizes including a Chipotle gift card grand prize.

Our team enjoyed participating in this challenge. It was a great way to encourage us to get out and explore the city that we call home. We look forward to taking part again next time!