Metisentry Launches BackupLegend!

BLAs Metisentry continues to grow, we are excited to announce the launch of our newest product, BackupLegend! Before BackupLegend, backup monitoring—when done correctly—was a heavily manual process. Companies would have to read through notification emails that listed all backup statuses, or review various software packages. If an issue occurred, each problem needed to be looked at one by one. This was a time consuming process, and it was nearly impossible to be sure backups were occurring when they were supposed to, if at all.

“All backup systems eventually fail; period. Without people constantly paying attention to the backups, these failures go unknown until data loss actually occurs.” -Marling Engle, Founder & CEO

BackupLegend takes the majority of the manual work out of backup monitoring with features such as:

  • Vendor Agnostic Software
  • Email Aggregation & Elimination of False Positives
  • Trend Tracking for Fast Diagnostics
  • Custom Backup Scheduling Options
  • Information Displayed on a Single Pane of Glass
  • And More!

BackupLegend expects success instead of waiting for failure, helping to better ensure that backups are happening. By consolidating and aggregating all reports into one area, BackupLegend users can view reports under a single pane of glass. Reports are broken down by client group, where all servers under that group are displayed together.

Backup successes and failures can be viewed in a bl-screenshotvisual, color-coded chart, to help track trends and better monitor backups. Custom preference setting allow BackupLegend users to control when they want backups to run, and what they would like to receive notifications for. These setting also include allowable failure tolerance, to eliminate fire alarms for one failure, or noncritical backup.

This product provides reassurance to companies and their clients. Making backups less labor-demanding, companies have the ability to proactively monitor their backups. BackupLegend’s proactive nature allows companies to reassure their clients that they are protected.

BackupLegend works in three simple steps:

  1. Sign up to receive a BackupLegend email address.
  2. Swap it for the email address your backup monitoring vendors send notifications to.
  3. Sit back and let BackupLegend proactively monitor backups.

For more information on how BackupLegend can help your business take control of backup monitoring, please visit or give us a call at 330-294-4910.