Metisentry and Downtown Akron’s Historic District

Over the past decade, Metisentry has occupied a variety of office spaces in Akron. Each time moving closer and closer to the heart of Downtown, Akron has become our home. With our most recent move to the Nantucket Building, part of Downtown Akron’s Historic District, our team was curious to learn more about our new building, especially the pathway leading to our front entrance.

hotel howeFrom the exposed brick walls, to the unique light box in our entrance lobby, our new office space has a lot of character. Wanting to know more about the history behind The Nantucket Building, one of our team members stumbled across an article on the story behind the courtyard outside our office windows. The land the courtyard occupies was once the location of Hotel Howe, Akron’s tallest building in the early 1900’s. This hotel was a success from the start, but began to lose business in the 1960’s. The city of Akron quickly deteriorated as riots and protests broke out during the discriminatory time period. Hotel Howe was purchased by the city in 1995, and three years later, the building was demolished, leaving an empty space.

Today, the site is a courtyard between The United Building and The Nantucket Building.

courtyard 2           courtyard

Learning some basic history about the area we currently occupy, struck more curiosity about our surrounding area. For example, Metisentry’s front entrance is on Maiden Lane, a pedestrian walkway between our office and the High Street parking deck. Maiden Lane expands throughout Akron, stretching from E. Exchange St. to just past E. Market St., and is even drivable in most parts. Not as clearly marked as other roadways near our building, our Maiden Lane entrance has been difficult to find for those not used to our new space. Looking to better describe our Maiden Lane entrance, we looked into the roadway’s importance to the city of Akron.

With renovations starting more than twenty metisentry-mapyears ago, Maiden Lane is seen as the ‘brainchild’ of Tony and Jill E. Troppe. Giving the project the name ‘Maiden Lane Arts District’, the Troppe’s set out to create a communal spirit among the businesses and employees occupying Maiden Lane. Today, Maiden Lane consists of art, music, food, bars, theaters, and more, making it one of the most diverse roads to stretch through Akron. The city of Akron continues to grow, and the revitalization of Maiden Lane has created a unique atmosphere in Downtown.

Metisentry loves being a part of Downtown Akron. Being in the center of the Historic District, and the Maiden Lane Arts District, gives us a unique location to settle into and call home for many more years to come.

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