Linux a Key to WordPress Success

linux and wpIn our blog last month, we talked about 5 reasons Linux is great for businesses. The benefits covered, related to the implementation of Linux software as a whole. In addition to these overall benefits, Linux supports specific software better than alternative operating systems can. One content management system popular among businesses is WordPress.

Although Linux is used for much more than website hosting, WordPress sites tend to run better on Linux servers. This is because WordPress is a PHP product, which runs on MySQL. Both PHP and MySQL are part of the LAMP software bundle, and are open source software products along with Linux itself. They are very typically built, deployed, and tested together, leading to a well supported and functioning technology suite.

In addition to better performance, the benefits of running WordPress on Linux include:

1. More Cost-Effective

Overall, open source software has a lower overhead cost, making it more cost-effective to implement. Therefore, hosting a WordPress site on Linux is more cost-effective.

2. Better Efficiency

As a PHP product, WordPress is found to be much faster on Linux than on alternative operating systems. This goes back to the fact that open source products run more efficiently when working in conjunction with Linux.

3. Community Aspect

The software required to install and configure WordPress operates best on Linux. This does not mean Linux is the only option to run WordPress on; however, Linux is the more efficient and effective option. The majority of the WordPress community backs Linux as the best operating system, recommending it to those utilizing WordPress.

4. Improved Security

Open source software is typically considered more secure, because of the community that has helped create it. With more contributors viewing and altering the source code, bugs and issues are found and corrected relatively quickly, before major vulnerabilities occur. Hosting WordPress on Linux better protects the site, because the server and its software are more secure.

At Metisentry, we host our own WordPress site, as well as many of our clients’ sites on Linux. From high-performance WordPress sites to high-traffic e-commerce sites, we host and manage these sites on our Linux servers.

Just as we believe WordPress is the best CMS, we believe Linux is the best operating system to host WordPress sites on. Our datacenter is made up of 85% Linux servers. This allows us to efficiently host and manage the day-to-day open source software and programs our client sites depend on.

Learn more about having your WordPress hosted and managed with Metisentry’s Linux Hosting & Management Services!