mobile-paymentDocEgon is an e-commerce platform for publishing and distributing research and academic papers. Designed to target university departments, research departments, and exposition and conference organizers, this Software as a Service product reduces workload on digital content curators, with features including:

  • Automated Email Confirmations
  • Password Recovery Systems
  • Payment Processing
  • And More!

To assist those interested in purchasing the research and academic papers, DocEgon is able to read content from research papers to aid search engines in finding documents. This product processes research documents that the organizations publish, pulling out the author, title, and abstract, allowing prospective customers to preview the material they find prior to purchase.

Once the desired document is found, users can easily purchase and download the research paper, presentation, or other digital content. Any purchase the user makes is then stored in their personal library, within the organization’s site.

DocEgon has the ability to boost an organization’s visibility through two key pieces:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Exportation of Contact & Company Information

This custom e-commerce solution is accessible to search engines, allowing relevant, industry specific keywords and content to be found. The added exposure helps an organization’s content and publications reach more potential customers. To aid an organization’s marketing efforts, DocEgon also has the ability to export contacts and company information from purchases, and store it for future outreach purposes.

Expanding outside of research and academic paper publishing, DocEgon makes it easy for organizations to create events and conferences. These events can be organized on the same system as the paper publications. With these event creations, organizations can promote their papers and grow their exposure even more, by offering special member discounts, or providing event attendees with free access to research publications.

DocEgon was created using a wide spread of technologies including Ruby on Rails, VMWare, MySQL, and HTML. Academic and research paper organizations can integrate DocEgon with other systems they are utilizing, making it a custom product tailored to meet their business needs. Organizing and managing research papers and events in one system helps businesses automate their system and, in turn, improve their workflow.

Learn more about how DocEgon can help your business, as it did for this century old professional society!