5 More Things to Look for in a Hosting Provider

Last month, we shared our top 5 things to look for in a web hosting providerdatacenter. Well, you guessed it, we came up with five more things to consider when evaluating hosting providers.

What are renewal costs? Are there trial and renewal periods? What about cancellation fees? Lots of providers offer introductory rates and raise your cost after the trial period. You’ll be given one rate at sign up and then when your services renew, your rate will jump. Speaking of renewals, tech bloggers advise against signing up for long-term hosting contracts. In fact they advise against signing up with a web host for longer than 2 years up front. And if you want to cancel, many hosting providers charge cancellation fees, so be sure to ask about and understand how they handle cancellations. Continue reading

5 Things to Look for in a Hosting Provider

datacenter hostingHave a business website? Evaluating your commercial web hosting options? Here are 5 things to look for in a hosting provider.

Your commercial website needs to be up 24x7x365. So should your web host. Your web hosting provider should have a proven record of providing a powerful, stable networking connection. One way to determine that is through at uptime score. Your provider should have a 99.5% or higher uptime score. Anything less than 99% uptime is unacceptable. Continue reading

4 More Signs to Replace Your ERP System

Last month, our blog discussed 4 signs that it is ERP blog 2time to upgrade your ERP software. Still not convinced you need to upgrade? Here are 4 MORE signs it may be time to replace your current ERP system:

1. You Can’t Operate as a Whole

ERP systems allow your business to function as one unit by sharing departmental data across the entire company. This collection and organization of information makes it easier to make decisions based on quality data. Without operating as a whole, you risk duplicate work, as well as lack the ‘big picture’ mindset when making company decisions. Continue reading

4 Signs it is Time to Replace Your ERP System

ERP blogEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software used to support enterprise-level business operations. Primarily for back-end functions, ERPs can manage distribution systems, supply chain processes, financial data, order status tracking, data sharing and other operations businesses depend on daily.

Do you already have an Enterprise Resource Planning system in place? You may be due for an upgrade. Here are 4 ways to know it’s time for a new ERP system: Continue reading

5 Reasons to Love Open Source Technology

open sourceTeam Metisentry has long been advocates of the open source development model. Open source software promotes collaboration and community, as the source code of the software is available to the public. This availability invites individuals to co-develop the software with the original developer. A large community of support can continuously encourage suggestive ways to improve what has already been built.

We are a fan of open source software because of its many benefits: Continue reading

Metisentry and Downtown Akron’s Historic District

Over the past decade, Metisentry has occupied a variety of office spaces in Akron. Each time moving closer and closer to the heart of Downtown, Akron has become our home. With our most recent move to the Nantucket Building, part of Downtown Akron’s Historic District, our team was curious to learn more about our new building, especially the pathway leading to our front entrance.

hotel howeFrom the exposed brick walls, to the unique light box in our entrance lobby, our new office space has a lot of character. Wanting to know more about the history behind The Nantucket Building, one of our team members stumbled across an article on the story behind the courtyard outside our office windows. The land the courtyard occupies was once the location of Hotel Howe, Akron’s tallest building in the early 1900’s. This hotel was a success from the start, but began to lose business in the 1960’s. The city of Akron quickly deteriorated as riots and protests broke out during the discriminatory time period. Hotel Howe was purchased by the city in 1995, and three years later, the building was demolished, leaving an empty space. Continue reading

What is an Intrapreneur?

Most people are familiar with the term ‘entrepreneur’, ideamachinebut the term ‘intrapreneur‘ is typically less familiar. An intrapreneur is an employee of a business who may be given freedom and financial support to create new products, services, systems, etc. They act like an entrepreneur within a larger organization. The term comes from ‘intra’, meaning internal, and ‘entrepreneur’. Contrary to entrepreneurs who take an idea and build a business, intrapreneurs use new and existing ideas to transform businesses that have already been established. Continue reading