metisentry technologyWe are proficient in a wide range of technologies. Our team utilizes these technologies on a continuous basis to change the way people do business. Of all the technologies we use daily, the most commonly implemented are:

  • Linux – A stable and scalable operating system, Linux is commonly used to support open source software and programs. We have long been advocates of open source technology, and many of our solutions coincide with the utilization of open source tools and platforms. For this reason, the products and software we create and implement run on Linux. Nearly 85% of our datacenter consists of Linux servers, as we believe it is the best platform to host and manage the software we use in our day-to-day operations.
  • Ruby on Rails – Ruby on Rails is an agile software development framework we use to build applications for client projects. We use Ruby on Rails because it is a framework that works well for business applications and database-driven systems. Many tech sites were built using Ruby on Rails including Basecamp, where Ruby on Rails first started. Ruby on Rails is not only useful for technology-related sites, however, as many popular sites such as Groupon, Hulu, Twitter, and Kickstarter run on Rails.
  • WordPress – As a light-weight, open source web application, WordPress has an enormous and supportive community. We believe WordPress is the best website platform solution for our clients based on functionality and return on investment. We even utilize WordPress on our own site. Past WordPress projects have included building custom sites from scratch to fit the needs of nonprofits, small businesses, and even large, high-traffic sites. We are not the only ones who believe WordPress is best, as 60% of all CMS-based websites use WordPress, accounting for nearly 25% of all websites on the internet today.
  • VMWare – Another technology we commonly use for our clients is VMWare. VMWare is an enterprise-level infrastructure for high-availability and high-scalability. In July 2014, we became an official VMWare Service Provider. This partnership has allowed us to bring management and scalability directly to our clients through virtualization. It is now a technology we use in majority of our client projects.

Although Linux, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, and VMWare are our most commonly used technologies, we have many other technologies we use for client projects. Below, in no particular order, are other technologies we love, as well as links so you can see how we’ve applied them to a number of our client projects: