Metisentry is dedicated to innovation and to staying on the cutting edge of technology.
We do so by following the state of many technical industries, as well as pursuing our own groundbreaking research goals. Our research area invites you into our world.
Here you can see what categories especially peak our interest and how we’ve applied them to real world situations.

research area

Areas of Interest

  • High-performance, high-volume web systems
  • Private Public Cloud & Virtualization
  • Security & Maintenance of Open Source Systems
  • Computer Vision
  • Data-mining, transactional research

Projects & Prototypes

  • BackupLegend (2016)
    • A backup monitoring product made with MSPs in mind.
    • Vendor agnostic, trend tracking for fast diagnostics, customer backup scheduling options, information displayed on a single pane of glass
    • Technologies include: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PDF Generator, MongoDB
  • Proposerly (2015)
    • On the fly proposals with digital signatures
      • Digital signatures, cloud systems
    • Technologies include: Apache, CSS, HTML, Ruby on Rails, VMWare
  • CWW: Clean Water Wiki (2015)
    • A collaborative effort to map, maintain, and building drinking water sources
      • Compose of a data standard, mapping application and a wiki
      • Open Source to promote collaboration, crowdsourcing discovery and ongoing validation
    • Technologies include: Apache, CS, HTML, MongoDB, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, VMWare
  • MCP: Metisentry Cloud Platform (2009)
    • A platform and management suite for enterprise-level virtualization
      • High-availability, high-scalability infrastructure
    • Technologies include: Xen, Python
  • COS: Cryptographic Overlay Shield (2006)
    • A security layer for Distributed Hash Table (DHT) networks
      • Peer-to-Peer
    • Technologies include: Public Key Cryptography, Java
  • Manage (2006-Present)
    • Internal ticketing, billing and project management software
    • Technologies include: Ruby on Rails, Apache, MySQL