metisentry technologyWe have long been advocates of the open source development model. Many of our solutions coincide with the utilization of open source tools and platforms. Our support for free and open-source software (FOSS) projects is not solely in the form of monetary donations, but primarily includes code contributions to the various projects we leverage to bring our clients the best quality of service and performance possible.

Open source software is used among more than 75% of businesses, and growing. This software is commonly utilized because of its many benefits including:

• Better Security
• Higher Quality
• Ability to Customize
• Cost Effective
• Shorter Wait Time
• Ability to Scale

Along with these benefits, individuals and companies like us prefer open source software because it promotes collaboration and community. A large community can continuously encourage support and suggestive ways to improve what has already been built, creating high quality, real-time software and systems. Metisentry has been a part of the open source community since day one, always looking for new opportunities to adopt and contribute to more open source technology.

At Metisentry, we have used open source technology in client projects for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We proactively find, create, and implement the best services for our clients. From high performance WordPress sites and high-traffic e-commerce sites, to improved workflow and ERP integration, open source tools and platforms are a big part of the technology we implement in client projects every day.

Below, in no particular order, are some open source projects we support and use in our day-to-day projects and operations.






ruby on rails



apache software