Are you curious to see what happens behind the scenes at Metisentry? We invite you to have an inside look at our company!

Check out what makes Metisentry so unique, from the Associations and Partnerships we are a part of, to the Awards we have won, to the Technologies that go into our clients’ projects. By inviting you into our world, we hope you’ll gain a better idea of not only what it is like to work with Metisentry, but also what it is like to be a part of the Metisentry team. Just click on a section below to learn more!


Metisentry has been a member of a number of associations since 2008. Over the last few years, the associations Metisentry is affiliated with have more than doubled.


Sister Companies

Metisentry’s founder and CEO, Marling Engle, owns Area 51 Data Solutions and StationCheck. These companies, though related to Metisentry by owner, are separate, individual companies with their own great offerings.

akron managed services IT


In a continued effort to provide clients with the best services possible, Metisentry has partnered with different service vendors to allow us to better utilize these services, tools, and resources.

vmware service provider akron
intuit partner platform
microsoft partner network
microsoft spla service provider


Metisentry continues to receive awards and recognition for their continued growth and success within the region.

Cascade Capital Corporation Business Growth Awards Honoree

Open Source

Metisentry has been a long-term advocate for the open source development model, supporting many open source projects.

Research Area

Dedicated to innovation, research allows Metisentry to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Metisentry has many areas of research interest, along with projects and prototypes.

2015 nasa space apps challenge clean water wiki
optical character recognition software