5 Reasons to Love Open Source Technology

open sourceTeam Metisentry has long been advocates of the open source development model. Open source software promotes collaboration and community, as the source code of the software is available to the public. This availability invites individuals to co-develop the software with the original developer. A large community of support can continuously encourage suggestive ways to improve what has already been built.

We are a fan of open source software because of its many benefits:

1. Better Security

Open source software allows multiple developers to view and have access to the software at the same time. More contributors can see and test the codes within the software, making it more likely that bugs and flaws will be caught and fixed in a relatively short amount of time.

2. Higher Quality

Having a large number of developers, open source software can easily gain innovative new features and enhancements. Every developer has their own knowledge to contribute, adding something unique to the software.

3. Ability to Customize

Users can take a piece, or portion, of open source software and tweak it to fit their needs. The code is already available to them, simply requiring basic modification, or the addition of extra functionalities.

4. Cost-Effective

Open source software typically has lower overhead costs, as it is developed through community forums and collaborations. Developers commonly volunteer their time and expertise to create this software, resulting in substantial savings.

5. Shorter Wait Time

Open source software does not have to be complete before deployment. It is an ongoing process, allowing for prototypes, experimentation, and test driving of multiple versions of the software.

New insight helps open source software continually evolve, creating a high quality, real-time system. Many of Metisentry’s solutions coincide with the utilization of open source tools and platforms. Our support for free and open source software (FOSS) projects primarily includes code contributions to the various projects we leverage to bring our clients the best quality of service and performance possible.

We have an extensive list of open source technology we support. Visit our Projects portfolio to learn more about how this open source technology has been implemented into projects for clients of all shapes and sizes.