5 Reasons Linux is Great for Your Business


Linux is a stable and scalable operating system, used to run and support Linux and open source needs. As an open source platform itself, Linux supports other open source software better than alternative operating systems can.

Linux easily supports business technology and software, helping provide Linux Hosting & Management Services clients with benefits such as:


1. Open Source Software Utilization

As mentioned above, Linux is open source. As an open source software, users can take a piece, or portion, of the source code and tweak it to fit their needs. The code is already available, simply requiring basic modification, or the addition of extra functionalities.

2. Security and Stability

Being an open source software, Linux tends to be more secure. More contributors see and test the codes within the software. For this reason, it is more likely that bugs and flaws will be discovered and fixed before any major security vulnerabilities arise.

3. Reliability and Predictability

Linux servers have been up for years. Many large companies such as Facebook and Google, run Linux servers. These servers are reliable and have the ability to support enterprise-level business operations. Linux software is much simpler than its alternatives, making it easier to understand how it operates and integrates with other technology.

4. Adaptability 

Linux software is lightweight, fast, and efficient making it simple to add resources quickly as a business grows. This adaptability provides for a long-term platform to host and maintain business operations.

5. Cost-Effective

Open source software tends to have lower overhead costs, simply due to the fact that the software is developed through community forums and collaboration.

At Metisentry, we utilize Linux for the majority of our internal and client-based projects. Our datacenter is comprised of 85% Linux servers. This heavy utilization of Linux comes from the fact that our solutions favor open source software and technology. From custom-built websites and open source products, to ERP integration and e-commerce systems, we have been implementing open source software and technology into our daily operations since inception. Linux is one of our most frequently used open source technologies, because of the many benefits it provides our clients.

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