5 More Things to Look for in a Hosting Provider

Last month, we shared our top 5 things to look for in a web hosting providerdatacenter. Well, you guessed it, we came up with five more things to consider when evaluating hosting providers.

What are renewal costs? Are there trial and renewal periods? What about cancellation fees? Lots of providers offer introductory rates and raise your cost after the trial period. You’ll be given one rate at sign up and then when your services renew, your rate will jump. Speaking of renewals, tech bloggers advise against signing up for long-term hosting contracts. In fact they advise against signing up with a web host for longer than 2 years up front. And if you want to cancel, many hosting providers charge cancellation fees, so be sure to ask about and understand how they handle cancellations.

When it comes to pricing, Metisentry doesn’t follow the introductory and trial period rates structure. To avoid pricey renewal costs in those cases, some folks will hop from provider to provider. Metisentry thinks that just does not make good business sense. So the rate we give for a package is the rate. That’s it. We don’t play games. And you can pick any length of contract you’d like from monthly to quarterly, semi-annual to annual. We don’t try to lure businesses into long-term contracts. And should you wish to cancel with us, we simply ask for a minimum 30-day notice prior to your next billing cycle. That’s it. No cancellation fees! Providing notice allows us time to handle the migration with care to prevent downtime. Even though that most certainly costs time and energy we do not charge for it when adequate notice is given. Yes, even if you’re leaving our services, we absolutely stand by our responsibility to keep your services up at all times.

Domain Name Management
Domain names need managed. They need renewed regularly so they don’t expire and end up falling into the wrong hangs. Also, many business have more than one domain name for a number of different reasons and each domain may have a number of different purposes. Add-on domains may need parked or redirected. Your web hosting provider should be able to handle all of this for you.

Metisentry stays on top of your domain name renewals so that your business and brand stay protected and you don’t have to worry. And our team is absolutely familiar with managing multiple domains. With our right-size hosting approach, we work to accommodate your needs no matter how many domains you have and what their purpose is. Add-on or parked domains, we can handle it.

Email Hosting
If you have your own domain, then in addition to domain name management services, you’ll most likely also want to have email addresses at your own domain such as [email protected]. Does your web host provider supply a mail box for you? Can you retrieve the email they host with your own email software? Can autoresponders and forwarding be set up? Are you allowed to set up whatever and however many emails addresses you want on your domain?

All of the above are options with Metisentry. We are well versed in POP3, imap, Exchange and cloud email services. We interoperate with many offerings and can even connect in remotely to setup devices in your office. Support from a single point of contact for email connectivity can ease the ‘who do I call’ wonderment common in the technology industry. We also provide the ability to retrieve email through our webmail client and/or through your own email software such as Outlook if you’d like.

Control Panel
So your web hosting provider can host email address for your domain and you can set up whatever and however many email addresses as you’d like. But how do you manage them? Can you have access to add or delete accounts and set or change passwords? Or do you have to wait for their technical team to make those changes for you?

At Metisentry, both options are available. You are able to send in requests to add or delete email addresses and set or change passwords. However, it’s true, this can result in wait times. We are focused on keeping the services we provide you up and running. We told you we take reliability seriously. Providing technical support, while important to the end result, is secondary to ensuring the services are operational.  This is why we provide a control panel so that you are able to manage addresses independently and on your own schedule.

24/7 Support
Can you reach a person when you call your web hosting provider? Are you able to send them an email and receive a response? Do they have documentation you can access online to assist in solving problems yourself?

Metisentry is here for you no matter your preferred method of communication. When you call us, you will get a person. And you will not have to navigate through menus, directories or robots to do so. Whether you call in or email us to open a request, you will be acknowledged quickly. While our top priority is that your services are kept up and running, we can supplement services with technical support. And we do provide easily accessible, comprehensive documentation so that you can resolve support issues at your convenience, not on our schedule.

So if you’re looking for a web host provider that doesn’t play games and is dedicated to keeping your services up and running, look no further than Metisentry. It’s that simple.

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