5 More Benefits of SaaS

SaaS Blog imageIn a past Software as a Service (SaaS) blog, we discussed five benefits of SaaS. SaaS continues to be adopted by more and more businesses, as it provides great value for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Here are 5 more benefits of adopting Software as a Service:


1. Scalability

SaaS is cloud-based, meaning package additions can be made as the business grows, without needing to purchase additional hardware and product licenses. SaaS acts as a subscription, making it easy to add on more products or features, or adjust subscription services as a business develops and changes.

2. Long-Term Solution

With the scalability benefit of SaaS, it is a long-term business solution. You are not purchasing a one time or versioned license, you are simply subscribing to the solution. Subscribing gives you a solution that is available for as long as your business needs it, as the rights to the software do not expire.

3. Quick and Easy Recovery

SaaS utilizes the cloud, meaning data backup procedures are in place to make disaster recovery relatively quick and easy if any issues were to occur. Quick recovery limits downtime, keeping your business up and running.

4. Security

As a SaaS vendor, Metisentry is responsible for upgrades and maintenance to the software. Upgrades are automatic and relatively frequent, keeping the software up-to-date with the latest versions and features. Having the most recent, up-to-date version of the software being utilized helps increase the security, keeping data protected.

5. Increased Workflow Efficiency

The ease of use, and ability to access SaaS products on a wide range of devices helps businesses improve their efficiency. SaaS users do not have to buy, install, or maintain the hardware and software usually associated with leading class solutions. This frees up the business to focus on operations and growth.

Software as a Service is a great option for a growing business.

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