4 Signs it is Time to Replace Your ERP System

ERP blogEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software used to support enterprise-level business operations. Primarily for back-end functions, ERPs can manage distribution systems, supply chain processes, financial data, order status tracking, data sharing and other operations businesses depend on daily.

Do you already have an Enterprise Resource Planning system in place? You may be due for an upgrade. Here are 4 ways to know it’s time for a new ERP system:

1. It No Longer Supports Your Business

ERP systems are used to integrate business operations such as costs, marketing and sales, inventory, and other business-related functions. If software can no longer support your current business needs, it is time to find a new ERP system.

2. Increasing Maintenance Costs

Older systems can continue to become increasingly expensive to operate, especially if the software you are using is no longer supported. Unresponsive systems can cause downtime, negatively affecting workflow efficiency. This inefficiency costs a business not only financially, but through time spent working with a slow, outdated system.

3. Lack of Functionality

As software becomes outdated, it gets more difficult to use and can eventually become inflexible. An inflexible system cannot easily adapt to new functions businesses need to make proper, data-driven decisions.

4. Spreadsheets Are Still Being Utilized

Your old system may be too difficult to use, or so outdated that doing the work manually is actually quicker. If your team members prefer to utilize spreadsheets instead of the software in place, the current system is not working for the needs of your business.

All too often, businesses continue using an outdated ERP system. This causes a lack of operational efficiency, as well as costs involved in paying for a system that does not fully support your business. If your business is experiencing any of the four triggers discussed above, your system is overdue for an upgrade. Looking for these triggers is the first step in finding and implementing a more efficient, supportive ERP system.

At Metisentry, we have experience implementing ERP systems into enterprise-level companies. ERP systems are a key to achieving operational efficiency, while providing the ability to make data-driven decisions that businesses depend on.

Learn more about replacing your current system with a Metisentry ERP today!